Never be without a business card again! Get the technological edge on sharing your business information by getting on your customers' home screens or into their contacts... instantly!

It's all about the PHONE!

In today's world your bizz must be on their phone. Period!

Some people have found a way to do that instantly. How can I do that?

Our Marketing System has never been offered before in this way.

Three powerful tools are at your fingertips:

A. Digital business card and rings

B. Keyword texting platforms

C. CRM customer relationship management tool

You get all three tied together for the incredible low price of $99 per month! Any accessories you select are available for a one-time fee.

It's All About the Phone...

This is the Future of Business Cards!

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Step 1

# 1 Reason To Order Now:

You Get:

  • Digital Business Card
  • Keyword Text Marketing
  • CRM System

You Pay:

  • Only $99 per month for all three!

Everything you need to get your business on their phones... and much more.

BENEFITS: Stay Home, Make Money!

Robust Marketing Package
Latest Digital Marketing Tools
Reach Your Customers in Real Time
It's all about the phone, right?
Free Training

ALL FOR ONLY $99 Per Month!


Advanced Marketing Bundle

Do you want to make money by offering BizzOnPhone to others? Sound like you? Check out this Bonus Offer, available exclusivly to those who complete Step 1.

Custom Marketing Tools include:

—QR Code to Your Site
—Your Keyword for Texting


Digital Business Card: Promoting BizzOnPhone, Customized for You
500 Customized Business Cards
Two Oversized Laminated Marketing Pieces, Customized
"Tips from the Pros"
Free Training
License to Purchase Your Website at a Discount


*But first things first—to qualify for the Advanced Marketing Bundle, you must sign up under Step 1 (above) for only $99. Your price for the Advanced Marketing Bundle is then locked in at the special rate of $799.

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